First Impressions: Summer 2015

The Summer season is in full swing, and… it’s pretty average. Which may actually be a blessing in disguise since I got totally burnt out trying to cover the insanity of Winter. I ended up taking all of Spring off, which Euphonium almost immediately had me regretting. I would have liked to write about that show more, but I just couldn’t drum up the motivation. To try and combat the problem, I’m probably going to be nixing weekly write-ups in favor of a first impression/midseason/final impressions format, with extra stuff like reviews and editorials in-between. I still haven’t got the whole blogging thing ironed out yet, so I want to experiment with some stuff. At least until I can find a schedule I can function on, and still produce content I’m actually happy with. But enough about that, let’s get on with the cartoons!

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