2015 Top Ten Anime Rundown

The year of Our Madokami two-thousand and fifteen has come to a close, which means bloggers and critics across the internet have an excuse to post countdown listicles! And being incredibly lazy myself, I am no exception. Overall, 2015 was a huge improvement over 2014. Last year I struggled to even round out a top ten list, and ended up with some of the lower spots going to the few shows I’d actually finished that weren’t actively bad. This year, I struggled to trim the list down to just ten. I said in last year’s post that you’d have to stay tuned for Parasyte and UBW, but it turns out I’m a liar. After some late-game stumbles and a stacked Winter season, neither one is making a showing after all. Woops. Even KimUso and MonMusu, shows I thought were rather solid, didn’t make the cut this year. It feels a little like watching your favorite sports team end a losing season with a blowout win. Anime really needs to spread the good shows out a little better. Anyways, before we get into the nitty gritty, I’ll go over the typical disclaimers: First of all, this is my list; my totally biased, inherently subjective list. If Your Favorite Anime didn’t make the cut, I probably didn’t see it, or didn’t like it. Sorry. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am down in the comments. Second, only series that ended in 2015 were eligible for this list. This list also does not include films, as I find they are just too different in terms of structure and production to be meaningfully compared to TV series. OVA series will be counted, but on-disc bonus episodes will not be considered in the rankings. Lastly, there may be stray Spoilers wandering about these paragraphs, so read with caution. With all that in mind, let’s get started with…

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Anime Review: Gatchaman Crowds

Hajime Ichinose is a normal, albeit mildly eccentric high school girl with an obsessive passion for stationary and scrap-booking. One day while preparing for lunch on the school roof, she is approached by an enigmatic figure who tells her that she is to become “the wings that protect the Earth”. The creature rips a strange notebook out from Hajime’s chest and declares her a Gatchaman, a secret warrior for justice that defends the Earth from alien threats. Hajime takes this revelation with about the same nonchalant exuberance with which she approaches basically everything else. Little do the Gatchaman know that their bubbly new recruit and a mysterious lurking darkness are about to challenge everything they’ve ever believed, and the world itself is never going to be the same…

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