Anime Review: Captain Earth

Manatsu Daichi is an average 2nd-year high schooler, living with his uncle in the wake the of his astronaut father’s tragic death in a shuttle accident. On the eve of his Summer vacation, Daichi sees a strange circular rainbow on the news and is immediately struck by an uneasy nostalgia. He finds himself drawn back to Tanegashima, the island of his childhood. Deep within the island’s abandoned aerospace complex, Daichi finds an enigmatic young girl and a strange gun called Livlaster. As a malevolent alien force rushes towards Earth, Daichi is faced with a life-altering choice and a single pressing question: “Are you a Captain?”


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Weekly Rundown: Winter Week 7

Sorry again for the late post, but I had something of a small emergency this week. But enough about that.¬† Nobody actually reads this section of the post anyways, do they? Let’s just get to the cartoons. Seeing as this is right after mid-season, most shows were busy setting up new conflicts this week, and it was honestly kind of dull. I had a hard time even remembering most of these episodes after I watched them. The problem with plotty-plot episodes in anime is that they are rarely graceful or exciting. Well, let’s run down this week’s episodes while I try to remember what the hell actually happened in any of them.

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Anime Review: Gatchaman Crowds

Hajime Ichinose is a normal, albeit mildly eccentric high school girl with an obsessive passion for stationary and scrap-booking. One day while preparing for lunch on the school roof, she is approached by an enigmatic figure who tells her that she is to become “the wings that protect the Earth”. The creature rips a strange notebook out from Hajime’s chest and declares her a Gatchaman, a secret warrior for justice that defends the Earth from alien threats. Hajime takes this revelation with about the same nonchalant exuberance with which she approaches basically everything else. Little do the Gatchaman know that their bubbly new recruit and a mysterious lurking darkness are about to challenge everything they’ve ever believed, and the world itself is never going to be the same…

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Weekly Rundown: Winter Week 6

First of all, sorry about the late post and also the missing post from last week. But it’s been kind of a crazy fucking month for me! My home team won the Super Bowl, my entire state has been basically crippled by record snowfall, I’ve had to temporarily move out of my room because of water damage, and for my birthday I got a winning lottery ticket. It’s a wonder I managed to even catch up on shows at all this week. And even then, new episodes are popping up as I type this. Don’t they know I’m behind enough as it is?!

Anyways, it’s mid-season! Which means it’s time to arbitrarily rank shows based on half-completed evaluations! So rather than listing shows in the meaningless order I happened to type them up in on the first week, this week they’ll be in order from best to worst. With the obvious caveat that I don’t think any of the shows I’m still watching are actually “bad”. If I’ve stuck with them this long, they’re probably doing things mostly-right, but some contenders are obviously stronger than others or resonate more strongly with me. On with the breakdown!

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Anime Collection

Time sure does fly, huh? It feels like the blog is still brand new, but it’s actually been up and running for a whole month. Kinda surprised I’ve lasted this long. That’s right, it’s the one-month anniversary of Redundant Colors! Well technically it was two days ago, but uh… I’m just gonna call this “close enough”. Anyways, I decided I would do something a little special to celebrate. But first, I want to sincerely thank everyone who reads this ramshackle collection of digital word-vomit, follows me on twitter, and even the relentless little spam bots filling up my comment filter. I hope you’ll all continue to bear with me as I try to keep at this whole blogging thing. However, rather than some¬† more sappy gushing, I figured I’d just post some pretty pictures instead.

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Weekly Rundown: Winter Week 4

This week’s crop of episodes was actually pretty solid all-around, with the exception of Rolling Girls failing to find any real footing now that things have gotten uh… rolling. One mediocre showing in an otherwise solid week is nothing to scoff at, though. It’s especially fortunate considering good ol’ Mother Nature decided to paint all of New England a healthy shade of Snowy Cataclysm this week. There was even a 24-hour travel ban in effect at one point, so I actually didn’t have much difficulty getting through the frankly absurd number of shows I’m still watching. It’s not like I could actually go anywhere. I even managed to dig into my backlog for once! So, weather aside, it was a pretty good week. Let’s take a look at it.

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Weekly Rundown: Winter Week 3

Welcome to the very first official installment of my weekly anime overview. I will quickly go over some thoughts and opinions of all the stuff I watched this week, in no particular order. Pretty straightforward. That being said, it was kind of a weirdly mixed bag of episodes this week. With the Fall leftovers putting in some mostly middling episodes and a few of the Winter shows striving to make the cut at as this is the general make-or-break point of the season. All told though, I’m still watching a kind of ridiculous number of shows this season and that number seems distressingly stable at this point. Which sets up a dangerous precedent, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with this kinda workload forever. But I’ll cross that bridge as I get to it. Let’s get things started!

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