Welcome fellow internet denizens, I’m Redcrimson and this is a blog. One where I spill digital ink about Japanese Cartoons, and the occasional geek-culture ephemera. I majored in English, and I enjoy writing, stories, and writing about stories. As a self-professed critic with an exuberant passion for the craft of storytelling and filmmaking, my goal isn’t to tell you why things are good or bad, but to try to articulate how well I think they work. Whether it be ambitious, intelligent stories about complex characters or eye-melting blockbuster spectacle, the nuts & bolts of storytelling and film are where shows sink or swim. I like to write about it.

But enough about that, let’s get back to Japanese cartoons. My first memories of anime date all the way back to 1999, rushing off the bus to my friend’s house to play Counter-Strike in between episodes of Digimon and Dragonball Z. That trend would continue until I was well into highschool, when my new-found autonomy allowed me to actually seek out anime on my own. This was the height of the Anime Bubble, and I bought every hastily-produced DvD that ADV, Geneon, and Manga Entertainment could shove onto shelves at the video store. Naturally, I ended up with a lot of embarrassingly terrible stuff. As fortune would have it though, I also ended up with some stuff that deeply influenced the person I would eventually grow into. Art had always been a passion for me, in one form or another. I always liked drawing and writing, even if I wasn’t terribly good at them. But it wasn’t until I saw anime like Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell, and Evangelion that I understood how powerful those two things could be in the hands of a true artist. Around my freshman year of college in 2006, my house had finally switched over to a high-speed internet connection. For the first time ever, I had nearly unlimited access to any anime I could find, including fansubs of currently-airing series. I finally had the tools and resources to take part in the Anime Fandom. Then, one fateful January in 2008, I decided to check out some weird-looking new show about some girl with pointy ears and a tail. That show was Spice and Wolf, and the girl was none other than Holo, the wise wolf. What I assumed would be a silly fanservice show quickly turned into a character-driven romance-adventure story with economic themes. And for the first time in years, I suddenly remembered why I was passionate about anime the first place. Anime didn’t have to be silly shows about shirtless musclemen punching each other or mostly-shirtless women punching each other! Over the next half-decade or so, I studied literature in college, I learned about filmmaking, and I watched a crapton of anime.

And that’s where we are now. I’ve reached the point where I feel I’ve learned enough to at least convincingly pretend like I know what the hell I’m talking about. These vain attempts to somehow look smart while talking about Magical Girls and Giant Robots shall forever be enshrined here on this blog. To be used as a portfolio for future employment, or damning evidence in a blackmail scandal, likely both.

So welcome again, weary web-surfer. I’m Redcrimson, and you can also follow me on Twitter, browse my MAL Page, ask me questions, or just look for me on reddit. Enjoy your stay!

Artist credit for Header Image: 子 on Pixiv


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