Anime Collection

Time sure does fly, huh? It feels like the blog is still brand new, but it’s actually been up and running for a whole month. Kinda surprised I’ve lasted this long. That’s right, it’s the one-month anniversary of Redundant Colors! Well technically it was two days ago, but uh… I’m just gonna call this “close enough”. Anyways, I decided I would do something a little special to celebrate. But first, I want to sincerely thank everyone who reads this ramshackle collection of digital word-vomit, follows me on twitter, and even the relentless little spam bots filling up my comment filter. I hope you’ll all continue to bear with me as I try to keep at this whole blogging thing. However, rather than some  more sappy gushing, I figured I’d just post some pretty pictures instead.

Since this is my anime blog, what could be more appropriate than pictures of my anime? I’ve been an anime fan for over a decade, and in that time, I’ve managed to build up a pretty modest collection of sweet, sweet merch. It’s not exactly a museum gallery, and there’s a few odd little curiosities left over from my less discerning years, but I’m still rather proud of the absurd amount of money I’ve spent on this silly little hobby. Also, I apologize for the dust, I cleaned everything right after I took these pictures… And so in honor of this very special and completely arbitrary milestone, Redundant Colors proudly presents Redcrimson’s Anime Collection







4 thoughts on “Anime Collection

    • Recrimson says:

      I just really like artboxes. The collection is mostly just a display piece, and I think they’re more eye-catching than rows of indistinguishable DvD/BD cases. I mean, I’ve actually double-dipped on some things just because I wanted the box.


  1. Prodef says:

    Nice collection you got there. I just started my little “only my most favourite” (lets be honest, it won’t stay like this) shows collection some time ago (sitting at 4(!) atm). I especially like the small Madoka figurines.
    Keep up the good work with the blog, I highly enjoy reading it! 🙂


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